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Linda Gallery is pleased to present the new and rencent artworks by Indonesian artist Nyoman Nuarta and Lugas Syllabus and Chinese artist Wang Xuan, Dai Dandan at Booth C21. We're looking forward to meeting you!

· Xuan Wang, born in 1979 in the province of Guangxi, China, creates in his small to medium-sized works his very own world of images. With great painterly precision, set-like individual elements are combined into still-life-like pictorial spaces, in which the painter fuses surrealistic images with objects from European and Asian art history to create imaginative works of art.

· Nyoman Nuarta (b. 1951), his artworks mostly reflect on important Balinese life philosophy. Nuarta is recognized as one of Indonesia’s ingenious and foremost modern sculptors by creating numerous masterpieces and building monumental statues. In 2018, he completed his most ambitious project the “Garuda Wisnu Kencana” monument in Bali making it the largest and third tallest monument in the world and it’s also a landmark of Bali. He is indeed the gem and pride of Indonesia.

· Lugas Syllabus (b. 1987, Indonesia) is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He completed his undergraduate degree in painting at the Institut Seni Indonesia in Yogyakarta. Lugas Syllabus is widely known for his paintings and sculptures that address the ironies and contradictions in modern and contemporary society. Woven into his pieces are narratives and iconography from pop culture, media and technology; coupled with memories and folklore.

· Dai Dandan’s works are full of rationally woven and perfectly ordered matrices. She uses an almost primitive, manual technique to imbue “soft” textiles with rigorous logic and a rhythmic kind of arrangement, entanglement, and interweaving, which runs perfectly counter to her original concept and toward the other extreme.


Shenzhen, China


09 - 12 Sept. , 2021




Lucas Syllabus, Nyoman Nuarta, Wang Xuan, Dai Dandan

Art Shenzhen 2021

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