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Continuing the highlights in ART TAIPEI 2018 that presented the multifaceted contemporary art through themed narrativein different exhibiting zones, ART TAIPEI 2019 is to comb through the multitudinous forms of contemporary art and to present the glory of its thriving development under diverse contexts. The attempt to recapture the flashes of blooming moments through our pursuit of eternity is in the depth of Chinese culture. Not unlike the wonderful scenery drawn out by robust brush strokes, its aura always returns with greater possibilities.

Linda Gallery is very proud to present the works from Chinese artists Fu Shuai, Jiang Shuo, Zhang Linhai and the famous Indonesian artist Nyoman Nuarta at Booth No.B03,We're looking forward to meeting you!


Taipei, Taiwan


18 October - 21 October, 2019



Jiang Shuo, Fu Shuai, Zhang Linhai,Nyoman Nuarta

Art Taipei 2019

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