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Lugas Syllabus (b. 1987, Indonesia) is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He is widely known for his paintings and sculptures that address the ironies and contradictions in modern and contemporary society. Woven into his pieces are narratives and iconography from pop culture, media, and technology; coupled with memories and folklore.

Derived from his unique style of psychedelic imagery, he uses drama, scenery, and poems of hope to describe his artistic practice in a form of surrealism, weave narratives and metaphors in superimposed images. Lugas utilizes iconic modern elements, such as electronics, neon signboards, jewelry, etc., as a contrast against the lush flora and fauna background; based on a solid foundation of figurative painting. There are often forms between animals and characters mixed with various related symbolic meanings and powers, sending us to the entrance of parallel dimensions.

His artworks prompt the audience to relive the memories and experiences of the past. Every experience is organic and natural, reminiscent of the scenes of science fiction. In essence, Lugas' works are full of humanistic care and attention to social justice, bringing the social reality of " elephant in the room" into people's field of vision.

Lugas Syllabus

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