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Ren Zhao

Born in 1989 in Shanxi, China. Received master degree from the Chinese Painting Department of Xi’An Academy of Fine Arts. Now work and live in Xi’An.

Solo Exhibition:
2018 Jock—— Ren Zhao’s solo exhibition, Redefining the city with context, Xi’An Contemporary Art Exhibition 2018, Xi’An Art Museum, Xi’An, China

Group Exhibition (Selected):
2021 Blank Frame, Feng River Research Plan 2020, OCAT Xi’An, Xi’An, China
2019 That’s What The Summer’s All About!, Fake Project, Xi’An, China
2018 Rear-view Mirror, Art Exchange Art Space, University of Essex, England
Contemporary Chinese Works on Paper : A Review, Ipswich Art Gallery, England
2017 Xi’An Art Museum International Exchange Exhibition - New Zealand COMPARATIVE OF NARRATION, Xi’An Art Museum, Xi’An, China
2016 Elite Young Artists Program 2016, Right View Art Museum, Beijing

Ren Zhao

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