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Yang Liming was born in Sichuan Province, China in 1975. He graduated from the Fine Arts College of Sichuan Normal University, majored in oil painting. Yang Liming now is a professional artist based in Beijing. The “curves of graphology” in Yang’s works that run through each phase of his creation is a fatal language element in his paintings. The origin of this element lies in the interaction between personal graphology and spiritual feeling of calligraphy, while the harmonic cadence and rhythm in the motion of Yang’s curves come from his obsession and appreciation of music.

In his period of red, the huge hollow arc takes up the center part of Yang’s paintings. The graphology of curves is reduced, the nature of strokes fades away, those dense oil paints are pushed and shoved again and again with curved strokes like to draw on the sands or split the surface of water, and finally form a round shape that almost closed. There seems to have some moving energy.

Yang Liming's works has been widely exhibited in various mesuems and institutions, including: Fukuoka Art Museum [2018]; Museum Smmlung Essl [2017];White Rabbit Gallery, Yuan Art Museum [2016]; Kunstraum Villa Friede, Changjiang Museum of Contemporary Art, Taylor Artist Association [2015]; Beijing Contemporary Art Museum, Luzern Contemporary Art Museum [2014]; Zhangjiang Contemporary Museum, Edinburgh Art Festival Summer Hall, TEDA Contemporary Art Museum [2013]; Today Art Museum, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art [2012]; Wenxuan Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing [2011]; TODAY ART MUSEUM, Mongolian National Art Museum, Yuan Art Museum, Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum [2010].

Yang Liming

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