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Yu Ying, born in 1987, is one of the initiators and members of "The Balcony" and "Gobei Camp". He graduated from Tsinghua University and the Central Academy of Fine Arts. His creative practice focuses on painting, collage and video comes from his observation and perception of social and political reality. After 2017, he became interested in space and architectural design, and carried out a series of practices under the name of the fictional "Beiying Architectural Office". He has won the Wang Shikuo Art Foundation "Wang Shikuo Award" (Invited Artist, 2017), Today Art Museum "Ten Year Review Special Award" (2015), Martell Art Foundation "Focus on Future Talents Project" (Finalist Award, 2011 ), China Emerging Painting Award (2011) and other awards. His works have been in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Houston, the Palace of World Culture in Berlin, the Gaîté Lyrique Art Center in Paris, the Acropolis Museum in Turin, the Museum of the University of Valencia in Spain, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai, the Shanghai OCAT, the Shanghai MOCA, the Minsheng Art Museum (Shanghai, Beijing), National Art Museum of China, Beijing Today Art Museum, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum and other art museums exhibited or screened, public collections include Today Art Museum, Tsinghua University Art Museum, Central Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum, Hong Kong Museum of Contemporary Art, etc. And institutions.

Yu Ying

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