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Heterotopia · Space

Group Exhibition

Sun Daliang, Cai Lei


Linda Gallery | Beijing

Linda Gallery|Beijing


Sun Daliang, Cai Lei


Apr.29, 2016 - Jun.08, 2016


Liao Liao

Contemporary artists need more than physical spaces to deal with works. Artists with “spatial consciousness” explore different spaces, such as personal, public, psychological, cultural, political and capital spaces, plus their interlaces, fusions and conflicts. Artists create new artistic languages in the process of exploring new forms of spaces, and the spaces they create are also a projection of their identity, mentality, art concepts, and value system.
As the theme of this exhibition, “Heterotopia·Space” has three-fold meanings.At the artistic language level, artists utilize the displacement and translocation of spaces to challenge audiences’ visual sense. The second meaning lies in the “hétérotopie”, or the heterotopia concept, elaborated by Michel Foucault. As an opposition of utopia (people’s spiritual dreamland), heterotopia can be bizarre spaces that are functionally or naturally different from or even opposed to other (or regular) spaces. Artists created the heterotopia spaces to confront the public spaces. The “disorientation” of the artists’ mental sphere and the frame space comprises the third meaning of the theme. Artists transplant and mirror their mental spheres into the frame spaces.

Exhibited Artworks

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