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In Ambitious Sight

Solo Exhibition

Cai Lei


Linda Gallery | Beijing

Linda Gallery | Beijing


Cai Lei


Apr.18, 2015 - May 31, 2015



Bao Dong

Linda Gallery is pleased to present its first exhibition in 2015—“In Ambiguous Sight”. Fourteen new works of Cai Lei will bedisplayed this time. The exhibition is curated by Bao Dong.
In this exhibition, we have named the visual and conceptual polysemia of Cai Lei’s works as “ambiguity”. In Chinese, “ambiguity” refers to vagueness of attitude or being fence-sitter. When it comes to aesthetics, “ambiguity” equals to“Hanhun” or “Fuyi” in the New Criticism which refers to the multiplicity of meaning and sense. Interestingly, the Chinese characters of “ambiguity” are used as a form of synaesthesia since their appearance reminds people of Cai Lei’s angular works.
With those intentionally created ambiguities, such as sculpture and installation, media and ready-made, two dimensions and three dimensions, reality and truth, Cai Lei focuses on visual “ambiguity”. Controlling audiences’ eyes precisely, he makes their eyes and brains become contradictory, letting them have a cute and high-quality spatial cognition and sense of space.

Exhibited Artworks

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