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Invisible Hand

Duo Exhibition

Wu Shaoxiang, Jiang Shuo


Linda Gallery | Beijing

Linda Gallery | Beijing


Wu Shaoxiang, Jiang Shuo


Nov. 26, 2015 - Jan. 31, 2016



Du Xiyun

As artists, Jiang Shuo and Wu Shaoxiang are good at sculpturing. The sensitivity to three-dimensional figure and space is their strength. Contemporary art is very open in the respect of art form proving artists abundant ways to express. Driven by concept, they now also paint and make use of ready-made objects and stage effects.

“Red Guard” and “Chinese Cat” are two main series of Jiang Shuo’s work. From 2002 to 2012, the “Red Guard” series lasts for ten years. People, created by Jiang Shuo, holding certificates of house property, cell phones, Coca Colas and MacDonald in hands are as fanatical as people who read the Little Red Book (Quotations from Chairman Mao) in the past. They are all manipulated by invisible power. Manipulation and anti- manipulation are playing a game. This situation never changes. It’s our greatest grief.

In 1991, Wu Shaoxiang has exhibited the first artwork made out of coins and cashes. At first he copies masterpieces with coins and cashes.As for Wu, although they are described as the carrier of spirit and idea, some explanations of those masterpieces are actually fallacious and mislead people’s cognition of the basic property of artwork.His recent work turns to focus on the relation between people and media. He uses paper to create haggard “people” without characteristics. What’s more, contemporary people are mentally frail, formalistic, rigid, apathetic and spiritless. These stiff torsos are wrapped by various paper publications.They lose their original appearance after being crushed by the great power. It’s like a disaster. But the power is invisible. What’s its origin and property? Wu leaves the problem to the audience.

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