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Revolution/Renaissance: The Art of Liu Kuo-sung Asia Touring exhibition

Solo Exhibition

Liu Kuo-Sung


The National Museum of Indonesia, Jakarta; the National Museum of History, Taipei, Taiwan; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Singapore


Liu Kuo-Sung


Jan. 17, 2015 - Mar. 1, 2015


The Museum of Contemporary Arts (MoCA@Lowen) is delighted to announce that Liu Kuo-sung, universally acclaimed as “the father of modern ink painting”, has agreed to a solo exhibition at MoCA from the 17nd January 2015 to 1st March 2015. The opening date will be on the 16th January 2015, 7pm. Artist will be present.

The Event: Liu Kuo-sung “the father of modern ink painting” Solo Exhibition
The Venue: Museum of Contemporary Arts (MoCA@Lowen), 27A Loewen Road,
Singapore 248839
The Dates: 17th January 2015 to 1st March 2015
The Artist: Currently a chaired art professor at National Taiwan Normal University Liu Kuo-sung is universally recognised as one of the earliest and most important advocates and practitioners of modern Chinese ink painting. He has received numerous international awards and his artworks are collected and shown by museums and art galleries in more than 70 countries. He has had more than 150 solo exhibitions worldwide.

Liu Kuo-sung’s retrospective exhibition is currently being shown in Taiwan’s National Museum of History after which it will come to Singapore and be on display at MoCA. It will then move on to the National Museum of Indonesia, before visiting the Malaysia where the National Visual Arts Development Board of Malaysia will be hosting it in the National Gallery.
Chang Yui-Tan, Director, National Museum of History, Taiwan, said of this exhibition, “Professor Liu has been praised as the "father of modern ink painting" and "pioneer of modern Chinese painting". For half a century, he has made great contributions to modern ink painting; his influence beginning in Taiwan and then spreading to Korea, Japan, China, and Southeast Asia, triggering fundamental changes in the Oriental system of painting."
He added, "To celebrate Professor Liu’s achievement in art, we are happy to cooperate with other esteemed museums to organise this exhibition - which will present more than 100 works by Professsor Liu - introduce new perspectives of modern ink painting, and make establish stronger connections with our friends from the Southeast Asian cultural circle."

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