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Tempration of Fruitless Flower

Duo Exhibiton

Wu Shaoxiang, Jiang Shuo


Linda Gallery | Beijing

Linda Gallery|Beijing


Wu Shaoxiang, Jiang Shuo


Apr. 28, 2019 - May. 28, 2019


Linda Gallery is proud to present the new exhibition of Jiang Shuo and Wu Shaoxiang's recent works “Temptation of Fruitless Flower”. This is the first duo-exhibition since inauguration of the new Linda Gallery space in 2019. It will take the opportunity to revisit and open up a new art journey for the gallery. The exhibition will focus particularly on the both artists’ new works from the past three years, demonstrating the artists’ latest practices in sculptural language. The exhibition will feature more than 20 pieces of comprehensive material sculptures and paintings by Wu Shaoxiang. Jiang Shuo has over 10 bronze sculptures. The exhibition will open on April 28 2019 at 16:00, it will continue until May 28 2019.

Wu and Jiang believe that the trees and flowers of the world, in addition to produce fascination, bear fruits for sowing. But there are always some others that bloom and bear no fruits, spending seasons under the summer heat and freezing winter, in order to have a fleeting moment to blossom and show its appearance, colour and fragrance in a blink of eye. The artists' life is like this fruitless flower. Despite the limited practical value in art, artistic creation is one kind of individual spiritual sustenance and expression. Their working process are fruitless, yet their value (if there are any, it is additional) are Flowers! Although the vast majority of others pursues flowering and are more eager to achieve results, to be fruitful! Our society has formed a habitual expectation of flowering results. For decades, Wu and Jiang’s art have been tempted by this "fruitless flower" and they can't extricate themselves: brewing, sprouting, forming, blooming. Yet the process in creating art itself is so fascinating, they have been obsessed with flowering process without seeking results. The works of this exhibition are the presentation of their current state.

Exhibited Artworks

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