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The Logic of The Iron Cage

Solo Exhibition

Fu Shuai


Linda Gallery | Beijing

Linda Gallery | Beijing


Fu Shuai


Nov. 10, 2019 - Dec. 31, 2019



Zhu Zhu

In the paintings, a set of unique techniques are used to portray and recall the industrial metal textures, including the combination of inlayed real things such as shackles, steel wires and nuts, and many audiences would be attracted by the new trials and hope to confirm what they are by touching those; seen from the perspective of art history, Fu gives textures to those space labyrinths constructed in the graphics, and he has also gradually gotten rid of Escher’s classic form.

Texture is highlighted is not only for the exploration of a pure form, in the Light leak, it brings together fluorescent colors and color blocks imitated the rusted iron products in order to form a tension, as Fu Shuai said: “Fluorescent colors, which are brighter that ordinary white color, are commonly used by contemporary digital machines, and people who face computers and mobile phones every day have been used to the visual mechanism of fluorescent colors. Rust is a metaphor of the industrial age, and it does not only contain many textural details, but also reveal the concept of time. Like the dislocated age that we live in today, the lights and colors in the digital age are emerging from the cracks of reality.”

It is obviously that what is contained in such a thought and expression is a linear timeline that corresponds to the psychological crisis caused by the rapid changes of the times. However, there is still a static, fateful circle’s timeline, and Fu Shuai presents a visual symbol, that is the iron cage, as the center of the exhibition, and many works including his new series Net, which visually continuous to enhance the occlusion, coverage, isolation, and closure, and it further uses the illusion effect led by the shadows of the iron nets to reveal a person observes the conditions of the iron cages from an impossible perspective, which has almost truly portrayed people’s psychological deliriums, trying to dismantle the cage while constantly participating in the weaving of the cage, and the both actions constitute a long period of Penelope.

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