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The Tears of Eros I

Group Exhibition

Fu Jingyan, Gong Jian, Ji Lei, Ma Wenting, Song Yuanyuan, Sun Daliang, Wang Zhongjie, Yang Maoyuan, Yu Ying, Zang Kunkun


Linda Gallery
798 East St. 798 Art District,
Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Linda Gallery | Beijing


Fu Jingyan, Gong Jian, Ji Lei, Ma Wenting, Song Yuanyuan, Sun Daliang, Wang Zhongjie, Yang Maoyuan, Yu Ying, Zang Kunkun


Nov. 28, 2020 - Jan. 11, 2021



Dai Zhuoqun

Linda Gallery proudly presents a group exhibition featuring 10 prominent and emerging artists based in China, titled The Tears of Eros I. The 33 works that are presented are directly involved with the artists’ self-expression and their views towards love, desire, pleasure and misery; matters that perhaps some may believe as taboo. Viewers are invited to explore human’s need of intimacy, a familiar subject within the arts scene, through subtle yet bold artworks that are set in a contemporary view.

A sequel to this exhibition, The Tears of Eros II will take place from January 16 – March 15, 2021 at Linda Gallery, Beijing.


Art, at first glance, doomed to exert its futile,
The temptation of creating is the root of life, the damning exhaust,
The intertwinement of passion and fatigue.

Production, the nature of human, the earliest manifestation of love,
Inescapable, a timeless wait holds breathe,
The spastic euphoria, the agonal struggles, the endless depression, and collapse.

Art is the abyss of Eros, astounding and incomprehensible vague,
That cosmos of the abyss -- a world of madness, inexplicable sadness, and gladness,
A maze of despair and obsession’s winding vein,
Intercourse of ultimate joy and unbearable pain,
The chaotic, revealable antagonism is the inaccessible depth of limit,
Conquest of images, countless illusions fulfill the loneliness and the bottom of loss,
Indulge the den of chaos, enter the complete ecstasy.

The divinity of art -- the expression of the Eros of vitae,
Bathing in her glory and collapse in the delight of victory,
The divine fascination and the extreme obsession are freed,
The desolate sadness, the breathing Satan -- the conspiracy of love and death,
Hidden in the deep, she conceals.

Without loneliness, the ecstasy and permission cannot be imagined,
Prisoned in the infatuation and compliance to the extreme pain,
Is perversive, is spasmodic and obsessed, tearing, mourning, looking for the most
disguised treasure going against the stream,
Is the darkest puzzle, is a permanent loss, taboo, and arrogance, the casting spells.

Tears are flowing desire, the aspirations of divinity,
Eros, the heartbreaker, imprisonment, awareness, and comfort,
Those who are drifting and fragile will be imprisoned by troublous distress,
Floating with illusions, to the end of desire – the void, serenely, it shines,
If can touch – the portrait of god,
Would trade the world, and be free from preoccupations, to meet the truest self,
In solitude, nothing but love can last.

——Dai Zhuoqun

Exhibited Artworks

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