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Yes, We Still Have Time

Solo Exhibition

Lugas Syllabus


Linda Gallery
798 East St. 798 Art District,
Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Linda Gallery | Beijing


Lugas Syllabus


April. 23, 2021 - July. 25, 2021


Press Release

Unlike the Indonesian artists of previous generation or even earlier times, neither the obvious remains of colonial history nor the rough and crude cultural-political conflicts could hardly be found in the works of Lugas Syllabus, who is born in 1987. However, his paintings are still distinguished with strong local motifs, such as rainforest or plants, these could almost be considered as the background and keynote of his works in this series. Although he adopts the common realistic techniques, his paintings are not derived from sketches, rather, they resemble more the imagination and fiction in the style of Henri Rousseau. brimming at the same time with sunshine, air and transparency of Southeast Asia.
"Beast horns", "wings" and "wizards" are the motifs that appear the most in Syllabus' paintings, thus constituting the themes of most of his works. Syllabus is seemingly depicting a mythical futuristic picture, yet these familiar motifs remind us that, the painter really cares about is the land and the rainforest which gave birth to him, and were once occupied, plundered and ravaged by the guns and swords of the colonists. Merely has he minimized the historical conflicts and violence, by which he pours all his emotion into the carnival-like imagination about the possible catastrophe in future. Yet, such a dramatic carnival often carries deeper trauma and despair. Because of this, it is difficult to say whether this is a writing about history or an imagination about future, a fable of the end times or a song of hope.

Exhibited Artworks

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