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Hendra Gunawan: Catalogue Raissoné Publication

Linda Gallery invites owners of Hendra Gunawan’ s authentic works to participate in the publication of a catalogue raissoné on The Legendary Indonesian Maestro himself.

This upcoming publication is held for educational purposes toward art enthusiasts, especially the future generations. It also enhances the provenance and adds value to the collections that are selected for this catalogue; as it will issue the retrospective views of the Maestro’ s artistic journey. This will serve as a crucial protection against plagiarism on his masterpieces.

The publication for the catalogue raissoné is scheduled to be released in the second to third quarter of 2021.



  • Team : Agus Dermawan, Siont Teja, and others

  • Supported By :

  1. Collectors : Budi Setiadharma, Caecilia Papdimitriou, Deddy Kusuma, Datuk Marcus Tan Ser Lay, Martha Gunawan, Syakieb Sungkar, and others

  2. Organizers : Ciptura Artpreneur, Sotheby’s, Tumurun

  • Organizer : Linda Gallery

  • Submission Data : Photo with details, Size, Media, Year, and Provenance

  • Email :

  • Phone Number : +62 21 720 6975 (Jakarta), +65 6476 7000 (Singapore), +86 10 59789565 / 64 (Beijing)


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