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Nyoman Nuarta is participating in the group exhibition “Meanders in the Tropics” held by Tsinghua University Art Museum

Linda Gallery is pleased to announce Nyoman Nuarta's participation in group exhibition “Meanders in the Tropics: Narrative of Indonesian Modern and Contemporary Art” held by Tsinghua University Art Museum. The exhibition will last until 18th July 2021.

Nyoman Nuarta (b.1951) is recognized as one of Indonesia’s most distinguished contemporary sculpture artist by creating numerous masterpieces and building monumental statues. His art mostly reflects on traditional Balinese life philosophy(Tri Hita Karana. In 2018, he completed his most ambitious project the “Garuda Wisnu Kencana” monument in Bali. This Bali Landmark is the third tallest monument in the world.

The name “Borobudur” means “the temple of the top of the mountain”. Borobudur is the ruins of a Mahayana Buddhist stupa in Central Java, Indonesia. It is the largest Buddhist temple in the world and was listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the 1991 Directory.

Nuarta is fully motivated to be as perfect as possible to capture its nuances. The artistic creation methods shroud the Borobudur in mystique and hope to preserve the world's cultural heritage in this manner.

Meanders in the Tropics aims to display works that represent the development of Indonesian modern and contemporary art. Underlining the diversity of aesthetic languages, this exhibition is composed of drawings, paintings, sculptures, and video works that span nearly a hundred years, from the 1930s up to today. The narrative is structured into two threads. Not only does it outline the history of artistic styles and themes developing in different periods, but the exhibition also attempts to sketch out the art world’s formation by underlining the affiliations among artists, groups, and schools. This curatorial outlook eventually shapes the exhibition in both the chronology and topography of the field, placing the artists and their works in their unique positions in the twists and turns—the meanders—of Indonesian art history. As a non-repetitive imprint of a time, an artwork serves as a reminder of the circumstances that have passed, of those which are occurring today, and those that will be approached by society in the future.


2021 . 02 . 18

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