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Nyoman Nuarta Road to Beijing at Sangkring Art Space, Yogyakarta

Linda Gallery is pleased to announce that a solo exhibition by Nyoman Nuarta will be held, as a part of his touring exhibitions titled "Road to Beijing" that will culminate across China next year. This exhibition will take place in Sangkring Art Space - Yogyakarta, in participation of Yogyakarta Annual Art 2021. This exhibition will take place from 7 July - 31 August 2021. Ten beautiful art pieces will be showcased, representing Nyoman Nuarta’s period of producing artworks from the last 19 years. Even in this difficult period, Nyoman Nuarta continues to produce beautiful art pieces, striving to realize and fulfill his artistic vision.

The sculpture "Moses" (2020) is Nyoman Nuarta’s response towards the current condition. A difficult period with hopes of a miracle that would save humanity. All together with "Dancing Queen" (2002), "Victory Dance" (2005) and "Gelora III" (2017), hope and optimism are the keys in exploring Nyoman Nuarta's works in Yogyakarta. Nyoman Nuarta’s "Road to Beijing" does not only exhibit works that are signatures of the maestro such as "Borobudur III" (2016) and "Rush Hour V" (2020), an emphasis on symbols in works such as "Sleepy Leopard I (2009) and II" (2010), "Circle of Life" (2019), and "The Legend of a Horse" (2020) also enrich the understanding of the flexibility of Nyoman Nuarta's vision. "Road to Beijing" by Nyoman Nuarta is an event that is both a hope and a manifestation of an artist's optimistic statement dedicated to humanity.


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