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Cai Lei Solo Exhibition


Cai Lei

Cai Lei Solo Exhibition

Linda Gallery


Cai Lei


Sep 26, 2020 - Nov 10, 2020


​Press Release

Linda Gallery Singapore is honored to annouce that "Cai Lei's Online Solo Exhibition" is now on view, features selected works by artist including paintings and sculptures. The exhibition will last until 18th October in Singapore space. For private viewing, please contact us in advance (by appointment only) .

Cai Lei believes that his works must only contain the verity of his feelings, the natural state of his soul that is not deliberately intervened with. He explores the relationship between space and illusion creating an illusory space that fluctuates between being two and three-dimensional. His interest in flatness outweighs his interest in space and volume. Using a two dimensional plane as the foundation for his paintings and sculptures, he manages to manipulate the visual interpretation of his viewers.

"I have grounded my work in experiences of spaces and materials, in sculptural qualities. With the methods of relief sculpture as a foundation, I brought transformations of the two-dimensional properties and three-dimensional visuals unique to relief sculpture into my own experiences and recreations of everyday spaces.Through the recreation of real materials and the transformation of three-dimensional and two-dimensional forms, I changed the spatial relationships and practical logic of the things that are involved in my life every day, presenting sculpture in a way that is more akin to installation. At the same time, using visual dislocation to change people’s visual experiences builds the 'reality' of artistic realism and the 'truth' of philosophical realism."

Exhibited Artworks

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